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Kepsel® cartridge valves are designed for simple installation (no expensive machining for cavity) and offer the same outstanding performance as their counterpart Kep-O-seal® inline valves. These spring-operated poppet valves, with optional relief settings, allow free flow in only one direction and prevent backflow.They also are used for relief and by-pass functions; however, they should not be used as safety valves. Kepner's Flexible Seal Seat™ ensures bubble-tight shutoff of liquid or gas, and long service life. Standard and specialty valve designs handle a wide variety of applications, and are ideal for use in sub-plate and manifold assemblies, pump inlet/outlet, and cylinder blocks.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flexible Seal Seat™ for zero leak (bubble-tight) seal at low and high pressures
  • No threaded connections (avoid potential leakage)
  • O-Ring seal positively secured 
  • Poppet stop inside valve body prevents spring from bottoming out
  • Generous flow passages allow full flow with minimal pressure drop
  • Compact, easy installation – Accessory Kepner Holding Device Kits available
Flow Charts Connections & Dimensions How to Order PartSpec Model Configuration/CAD

Standard Valve Specifications:

  • See Applications for selection/ limitation notes about O-Ring and Valve materials
  • Nominal Sizes: 1/16 inch to 2 inch  (1.6 mm to 51 mm; 9 Sizes)
  • Body Materials: Brass, Steel, 303 or 316 Stainless Steel 
  • O-Ring Seals: Buna-N, Neoprene, Viton®, EP, other materials available
  • Temperature: -300°F to 450°F (-184°C to 232°C), O-Ring dependent
  • Check Crack Pressure: 1 to 2 PSI (.07 bar to .14 bar)
  • Relief/Check Crack Pressures: 5 PSI (.35 bar), 10 PSI (0.7 bar), 25 PSI (1.7 bar), 50 PSI (3.5 bar) and 65 PSI (4.5 bar), others available
  • Operating Pressure: to 3000 PSI (207 bar)
  • Flow: to 200 GPM (757 LPM)

Consult Factory or Distributor for more help. Customer/user is solely responsible to select products suitable for their specific application requirements and to ensure proper installation, operation and maintenance of these products. Improper selection or use of products can cause personal injury or property damage. All sales are subject to Kepner Products Company Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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pilot operated check valve
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